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Welcome to Black Shadow Cane Corso. We are a small hobby breeder striving to breed healthy Corsi with stable temperaments and correct type. All of our dogs live in our home and are a very big part of our lives. We are very involved with our Corsi competing in the conformation ring and working in Obedience and Rally-O and other venues as often as we can.

Here at Black Shadow Cane Corso we are very careful in choosing families or individuals for our puppies as owning a Cane Corso is a lifelong commitment. We are not a commercial breeder who has constant litters but a selective breeder who thoughtfully pairs together complimentary studs and bitches to produce the finest offspring possible.

All Black Shadow puppies are born and raised in our home. They are exposed to new stimuli and experiences, socialized with new people, other members of our pack, and of course our 3 house cats on a daily basis. The puppies will remain with us until they are 8 weeks old at which time you may pick up or have your puppy shipped to you. Shipping is available in Canada and the US. The puppies will have their first check up and first round of vaccinations before leaving our care. Follow up vaccinations, socialization and training must be followed up by the new owners. We at Black Shadow also offer a lifetime of support, guidance and friendship when you purchase one of our puppies.

There are very few breeds that can match the majestic elegance and grace as well as the loyal and fierce protectiveness of the Cane Corso. This breed is not for everyone and is a life long commitment of training and socializing to ensure a loving, stable companion that will protect you with their life. Make no mistake if you are willing to commit that to your corso puppy you will have a breed that will forever have a place in your heart. Thank you for visiting Black Shadow Cane Corso, and please Like us on Facebook as well for additional news and updates.

“This breed is our heart”

One of a kind. My Mastino war dog and guardian of many. Devoted friend. Graceful elegance.
Respected for all that you are, thank you my  brave Black Shadow who watches over me and mine…

We choose the kennel name Black Shadow Cane Corso to serve as a reminder of where it all began for us. In 2005 I stumbled upon my first picture of a Cane Corso a dog magazine, and I was spellbound. I knew from that moment that a corso would be the next dog we would choose to share our lives with. We began searching in earnest in 2006, finally finding the kennel that had everything that we were looking for in both dogs and breeders. And so our story began… with Hemi.

“Bettering the breed for the breed”

Spring 2013: We are pleased to announce the birth of a litter of puppies March 5th 2013,
from our girl Danae de Italica Terrae, and FireHorse Dorian.
Please see our Available page for details, and complete our Application if you are interested in one of our puppies.

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